Ontario Regional PC Race Results

Ontario hosted their 1st ever Regional Build Your Own PC Race as part of the Regional Consumer Races at the Etobicoke TigerDirect.ca Retail store with a total of 17 contestants ready to match their tech skills against each other and against the clock.

Etobicoke Regional PC Race WInners 2013When it was all over, at 5:56, Gangadhar Vaidy is the Canadian qualifier to go to CES in Las Vegas to compete for the North American PC Race crown. In addition to the $500 gift card Gangadhar walked away with, $500 will also be donated to The Canadian Diabetic Association.

In second place was Sid Verma, winning $250 gift card and matching that with a donation to The Sick Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Third place, a $100 win, went to Dale Nguyen. Dale designated the Vietnamese Women’s Association as the beneficiary of the matching $100 donation.

Our sincere thanks to Ruben Silva who was fantastic in executing the event as well as Ahsan Yasin and the entire Etobicoke team did a fabulous job of hosting, making certain that everything was in place to ensure that the day was a complete success!!! And to those who came from other stores and from Richmond Hill to help out today, thanks to all of you … Attila Vass, Derrick Stricek, Mike DePodesta, Brock Watts, Andrew Khan, and Mark Dela Cruz. Continue reading

Orlando Regional Build Your Own PC Race Results

Orlando Florida held their Regional Build Your Own PC Race on Saturday, June 8 at the TigerDirect.com retail store located at 7802 South Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando. Orlando Regional PC Race WInners 2013

The winners of the race:

  • 1st Place: Scott Geller
    with a time of 4:06

  • 2nd Place: Matthew Pennington
    with a time of 4:25

  • 3rd Place: Christopher Grigsby
    with a time of 4:33


In addition to the 1st place finalist getting an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas to complete in the National Finals, each winner received a gift card and a matching donation to their charity of choice. The donations will be made to:

  • $500 to UM Sylvester Cancer Center
  • $250 and $100 to the Boy Scouts of America


We thank everyone for their participation. Full photo gallery can be seen here.